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SUNNY BOY 2500U (Refurbished)


More About The SUNNY BOY 2500U (Refurbished)

Fully Refurbished Sunny Boy 2500U Inverter. Simply replace your broken unit with an exact model.

These units are fully refurbished by former SMA Technicians.

The Sunny Boy 2500's nominal power of 2200 W can be fed to the grid over the whole input voltage range of 250 to 600 V due to a maximum current of 11 amps. Its maximum efficiency of 94 % is even higher than that of the smaller transformer-based devices of the Sunny Boy Family. The variable DC input range and the possibility to connect up to three strings with the reliable Multi-Contact connectors make any module configuration possible. These features enable the operator to freely design and implement personal needs for the solar system. However, the optimal configuration is a solar generator with an output of 2750 to 3450 W. It will accept a maximum of 3300 watts of PV power.

It is housed in a watertight stainless steel outdoor enclosure, and now operates in extreme conditions (ambient temperatures of -25 C to +60 C). It can even be mounted right on the roof along with the modules.