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SUNNY BOY 1800U (Refurbished)


More About The SUNNY BOY 1800U (Refurbished)

Fully Refurbished Sunny Boy Inverters.  Simply replace your broken unit with an exact model.

These units are fully refurbished by former SMA Technicians, and come with a 90 day limited warranty! Supplies limited. Order while you can!

 With the introduction of the SB 1800U in the US, SMA now offers more flexibility for small residential customers. The 1800U's 120 Vac output is perfect for most homes and small businesses. It's lower total output power means that very affordable and low cost systems can now be achieved.

Sunny Boy inverters are housed in a watertight stainless steel outdoor enclosure, and can operate in extreme conditions (ambient temperatures of -13ºF to +140ºF). They can even be mounted right on the roof along with the modules.

The Sunny Boy is designed to support PV modules in series, increasing efficiency and eliminating the need for expensive DC distribution systems and cabling. The Sunny Boy inverters increase efficiency further because they run a separate MPP tracking for each single string. Each Sunny Boy inverter is equipped with a separate and autonomous grid monitoring facility that enables the user to hook up the AC output to any point within the electric distribution system of house.