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Sunflower Smart Solar Water Pump Kit


More About The Sunflower Smart Solar Water Pump Kit

Easy Installation!  Great for the "Do It Yourselfer!"

Our Sunflower Smart Solar Water Pump(TM)Kit is easy to install, if you are handy with tools.

In most cases it can be installed in just a few hours.

You will enjoy years of FREE FLOWING cool water, powered by UTILITY FREE SOLAR POWER !

This water pump kit delivers 1.5 - 2 gallons per minute or 400-700 gallons per day, depending on amount of sunlight. (Optimum sunlight hours are between 10 am to 3 pm)

It may be possible to install this pump along with an already existing pump into the same well hole. There may be no need to drill a new well!

Low Maintenance It is recommended that the pump be pulled up out of the well every few years to inspect and/or replace the brushes, diaphragm, cable/wires, plug and valves. This Pump rebuild can be done with simple hand tools by anyone mechanically inclined. (All replacement parts are available upon request.)


Included in the Sunflower Smart Solar Water Pump Kit:

1 high effiecient solar panel 

1 submersible solar water pump 

1 Control Box

25 feet submersible cable

1 Underwater Wire Splice kit

7.5 foot long solar wire harness

Owners Manual


To reduce current loss and plug corrosion in pump installations, always use 10 gauge, 2 conductor, no ground, submersible pump cable.


FACTS about this Solar Powered Water Pump Kit: The  pump is operated directly by solar panels, (or by using a battery for day and night operation). This pump can push water up to 230 ft virtical and can pump at a rate of nearly 2 gallons per minute (gpm), all day long. The pump measures only 3.75" diameter x 12" long.




Parts and accessories that may be needed to complete a fully functioning and safe water pumping system NOT included: (parts available from most local hardware supply stores)

1/2  inch delivery water pipe (length as needed)

10-2 submersible pump wire (length as needed)

¼ inch safety poly-rope (To tie to pump.  Length as needed)         

** Miscellaneous plumbing hardware (as needed for individual site) Solar Mounting (as needed for individual site such as pole, roof, bolts/screws etc.…)