Cool Breeze Window Air Conditioning Inverter - AC-Assist-single-N-120V60Hz

Cool Breeze Window Air Conditioning Inverter


More About The Cool Breeze Window Air Conditioning Inverter

For the first time ever, you can use the power of the sun to cool your home, tiny home, or off-grid cabin anywhere in the world. This makes living in hot or humid climates, simple and low cost for cooling your home.

This highly specialized solar powered air-conditioning inverter is designed for one purpose, to combine advanced technology to directly power highly efficient off-the-shelf air-conditioners, without batteries during the daytime, but can also use supplemental power for 24 hour cooling.

Please see list of recommended equipment sold separate:

1. LG Air Conditioning unit(s). LW1019IVSM Energy Star 9,500 BTU 115V Dual Inverter Window Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi Control, 10000, with the energy efficiency rating at Ceer 13.8, BTU 10000 for room size 450sft for cooling medium rooms (15 'X 30').

Or, you could use the ...

LG - 9k Cooling + Heating - Wall Mounted - Air Conditioning System - 20.0 SEER Model:LS090HEV2

Or, you could use the ...

Pioneer Air Conditioner WYS009A-19 Wall Mount Ductless Inverter+ Mini Split Heat Pump, 9000 BTU-110/120V

2. Four count solar panels (225-375 watts each). This system only requires 4 solar panels and is a perfect DIY system that your family can install over a weekend with minimal experience and standard hand tools

3. Solar Panel mounting racks designed for four solar PV panels. This system does not feed energy back to the utility grid. Therefore, no utility interconnect agreement is needed.

It is a standalone appliance and may not need a permit in many places around the world. Check with your local building department.