SMA Sunny Island 5048U Inverter (REFURBISHED) - SI6048US_07_d4492865-c90d-4bd9-ad7f-2a997b58ab4a

SMA Sunny Island 5048U Inverter (REFURBISHED)


More About The SMA Sunny Island 5048U Inverter (REFURBISHED)

The Sunny Island 5048U is the ideal solution for off-grid and grid back-up systems. It has incredible surge capability and a peak efficiency of 95% making it both powerful and cost-efficient. The Sunny Island 5048U utilizes removable MMC/SD cards for storage of performance data by the integrated data logger and for easy firmware upgrades. Its intuitive interface features preconfigured settings for faster commissioning. Wherever reliable, high quality electricity is needed, depend on the Sunny Island 5048U to deliver.


Operating Manual